How BREEAM Certification Works

BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) certification is a multi-stage process that evaluates the sustainability of buildings. It involves a thorough assessment of various criteria to determine a building's overall environmental performance.


We start with an initial evaluation to gauge your project's potential for BREEAM certification. Our BREEAM Assessor will consult with you and review your project plans, identifying potential certification levels and areas for improvement.


Next, we compile and submit all necessary documentation to the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for review. Our team ensures the submission is thorough and accurate to facilitate a smooth review process.


We then conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your project, analyzing the design, materials, and systems. We gather and document evidence to ensure compliance with BREEAM standards, resulting in a thorough report.


BRE experts review the submitted documentation, assess the evidence, and assign your project a certification level from Pass to Outstanding. This certification acknowledges your commitment to sustainability and enhances your building's value.

Benefits of BREEAM certification

Environmental Performance

BREEAM certification promotes the use of sustainable building practices, leading to reduced energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and minimized environmental impact.

Increased Property Value

Properties with BREEAM certification are often seen as more attractive investments, potentially leading to higher market values and increased rental incomes.

Occupant Wellbeing

By incorporating standards for air quality, lighting, and thermal comfort, BREEAM-certified buildings provide healthier and more comfortable environments for occupants.

Compliance and Risk

Achieving BREEAM certification helps organizations meet regulatory requirements and manage environmental risks, enhancing their reputation and reducing potential liabilities.


Frequently Asked Questions about BREEAM Certification

What is the benefit of obtaining BREEAM certification for a building?

BREEAM certification demonstrates a building's commitment to sustainability and environmental performance. It enhances marketability, improves occupant satisfaction, and can lead to operational cost savings through energy and resource efficiency.

Is BREEAM certification applicable only to new buildings, or can existing buildings also apply?

BREEAM certification is available for both new construction projects and existing buildings undergoing refurbishment. There are specific schemes tailored for each scenario, ensuring that all types of buildings can achieve recognition for their sustainability efforts.

How does BREEAM certification compare to other sustainability certifications like LEED?

BREEAM and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are both widely recognized sustainability assessment methods. While they share similar goals, BREEAM is more commonly used in the UK and Europe, whereas LEED is prevalent in the United States and internationally. Each system has its own criteria and assessment methods tailored to regional contexts and preferences.

What criteria are evaluated in the BREEAM certification process?

BREEAM evaluates buildings across several categories, including energy, water, health and wellbeing, pollution, transport, materials, waste, land use and ecology, and management. Specific criteria within these categories assess factors such as energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, sustainable sourcing of materials, and ecological impact, among others.

Take the First Step Towards BREEAM Certification

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